High-Deductible, Consumer-Driven Health Plans Keep Growing

According to the 2016 Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey by EBRI and Greenwald & Associates, when people consume more of the costs of their own healthcare, their decisions are increasingly being driven on how they can personally control the cost. Other findings of the survey include:

  • More than half (56 percent) of CDHP enrollees opened an HSA, taking advantage of growing employer contributions.
  • A majority (78 percent) of CDHP enrollees reported that their employer contributed to the account in 2016, up from 67 percent in 2014.
  • Furthermore, 20 percent of CDHP enrollees reported an employer contribution of at least $2,000 in 2016, up from 10 percent in 2014.
  • Similarly, 42 percent reported an employer contribution of $1,000‒$1,999 in 2016, up from 36 percent in 2014.

An increase in CDHP enrollment has also led to an increase in “consumer behaviors,” the authors write.

  • Those in a CDHP are more likely to check whether the plan would cover care (54 percent CDHP vs. 44 percent traditional plan).
  • Ask for a generic drug instead of a brand-name (48 percent CDHP vs. 37 percent traditional).
  • Used an online cost-tracking tool provided by the health plan (31 percent CDHP vs. 20 percent traditional).
  • CDHP enrollees are also more likely than traditional-plan enrollees to report that they tried to find cost information before getting care.
  • CDHP enrollees are more likely to participate in biometric screening programs when offered (over 80 percent of CDHP enrollees participate, compared with 64 percent of traditional-plan enrollees). 


We're Hiring an Account Manager!

Do you enjoy helping businesses with their employee benefits? 

If you do, and you're located in South Florida, we're looking for you! 

NICG is an innovative benefits & consulting firm with a unique payroll/HCM brokerage. We were named a "Best Place to Work 2016" by Biz Journals. This role is among the most important in our organization as it has to do with client happiness and client retention. 

We are looking for an experienced benefits Account Manager to help with managing our current client accounts. We're looking for someone with more than 4 years of experience servicing small to middle market companies. We'd also expect experience with internal HR including benefits and carrier group sales working with brokers. More than anything, we are seeking an entrepreneurial individual with a natural curiosity to learn everything possible to enhance their knowledge of HR Technology, ACA, Compliance, and Group Benefits. 

We are a culture that strongly believes the best quality in someone is their willingness to learn new things every single day. 


  • Constant learning and actively deploying new creativity in the prospecting, sales tactics, & adapting your consulting advice to serve each unique benefit buyer based on their culture 
  • Self-learn and teach clients new market insights & design unique situation based solutions for specific industries 
  • Responds to client inquiries with both speed and precision. 
  • Fields client calls with a smile
  • Believes firmly that we are building fulfillment at work for our clients and their team members. We make an impact on lives! 


  • Experience working with Payroll, Benefits, and/or an HR service company 
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills
  • Strong, effective listening skills 
  • Track record of consistently making clients happy
  • Bi-lingual is a major plus


  • Can-do attitude
  • Tireless pursuit of results/”whatever it takes” attitude
  • infectious positivity
  • Sincerity
  • Eagerness to learn and grow
  • Precision with words and numbers
  • Gratitude

Apply here!

NICG Supports America's Charter Schools

We recognize that the charter school movement represents the brightest future for America's kids, the surest road to true equality, and critical economic stimulation for low-income neighborhoods.

Charter schools have always been challenged to accomplish far more for kids, with far fewer resources, than district schools. Our mission is to help you meet that challenge.

NICG supports the charter school movement by keeping teachers and staff happy and healthy while redirecting funds back into the classroom. We will help you stretch your employee benefits dollar, allowing you to offer competitive benefits at lower cost. We will help you automate and outsource your human resources and administrative functions, saving time and money. We will help you strategize to best meet the needs of your teachers and staff, increasing engagement, physical and mental health, fulfillment and dedication to the mission of helping all of America's kids.

Let us help you.


The Week Ahead

In order to be most effective, it's important to look ahead to your week's activities before they even begin. Mondays are refreshing in that way. It's a clean slate, and an opportunity to ensure you get everything accomplished. 

While it may be unrealistic to expect to get 100% of your tasks or responsibilities completed, you can't set the right milestones until you know what's on your plate. 

There's a simple process of prioritization that we practice at NICG. We do this individually and as a collective. Every Monday morning, we hold departmental meetings to set goals. These goals dictate what our focus will be over the following five days. 

  1. What are our 3 largest priorities? 
  2. What task or project would be detrimental if unfinished this week? 
  3. What meetings are scheduled?
  4. What revenue generating opportunities lie ahead?
  5. Are there any fires to put out? 

These are simple questions that allow every manager to relay to their teams what is most important to the company. There is no better way to ensure everyone is buying into the process and the direction of the company if you go through these motions every single week. 

It all boils down to transparency and communication. If you aren't keeping your team apprised of what's happening in your company, they're going to feel lost. 

Confidence is the first thing to leave with a clear direction. 

Happy Monday! 

Web Chat Has Been Enabled

Check out the bottom right of this screen. Do you see that blue chat bubble? Go ahead and click on it. 

You'll see a question that invites you to ask us anything. Go ahead... try it. 

You'll find that our team is happy to help you understand what we do, why we do it, and how we can assist you and your business. 

It's a clean communication process and we look forward to hearing what you think of it. 

Here's an example conversation and what the user experience will look like for you:


We Don't Sell Payroll...

We sell a more fulfilled and more efficient workplace. 

By asking the right questions, we're always able to help employers find their pain points. How? Because even the most extrinsic of issues are stemmed from something that's broken at the core. 

And what is that core? It's the people. Thus taking better care of your people can start the process of solving all other problems in the organization.

Just think about it...

It's the people that can, when fulfilled through their work, can devote the time and undying energy it takes to resolve problems.

It's the people that can, when given enough incentives, meet goals and exceed expectations.

It's the people that can, when given the job security, provide more loyal service to the company's long-term mission. 

And all we have to do is make sure your people are feeling these things. 

Let's start with your HR functions, please tell me more about what you do, and expand on what you do like and don't like about your role. 

And so on...

March Madness

If you've reached this point of our website, you've most likely already been challenged to upload your payroll invoice or prompted to allow us to offer you a discount on our services. While it may seem like we're trying to win your business at any cost, let me expand on why we're able to even do this.

You may have already seen the following message: 

March Madness! Get 3 Months ADP Payroll Free!

When you sign up for ADP RUN payroll. Offer is valid for current ADP RUN clients and/or employers with any other payroll provider. Offer valid for the first 50 employers. Expires 4/15.

You may be wondering... why? If you aren't familiar with ADP, you may also ponder... what? 

To put it simply, we're payroll resellers. This means we sell other payroll technologies to businesses. It's no different from a home renovations company selling granite countertops at cost. We are able to do this with a discount intact, and with our partners' permission.

So the question for you, and your company, becomes...

What am I currently paying for payroll services and am I happy with the solution?

No matter how you slice it, this offer should still be considered. 

If you're with ADP, we can provide expert hands-on service while offering you a discount from your current bill. In your eyes, effectively NOTHING CHANGES.

If you're with another payroll provider, how do you know if you're paying too much? How do you know it can't be an easier process with a better payroll technology? For you, the migration is painless. 

We welcome any questions you might have about this current offer. The more conversations we have with curious professionals like yourself, the better we can become at informing the world about our unique value proposition. 

We look forward to discussing this further with you. 

Communicating with Our Service Team

At NICG, we are always working hard to make your life in HR much easier. That means we are always trying to be nimble enough to accommodate the way we service and communicate with our clients.

That said, below is a list of email addresses that are now active for our clients to interface with, along with a description of how to communicate with us using them:

  1. bills@nicgrp.com: Any bills should be sent here. 
  2. carriers@nicgrp.com: Carrier partners should communicate with our team using this address. 
  3. claims@nicgrp.com: All health claims should be sent here. We will begin fielding all claims within hours when they are submitted to this inbox. 
  4. commissions@nicgrp.com: All commission reports, or any disputes regarding referral commissions, should be sent here. 
  5. leadership@nicgrp.com: Any requests, complaints, or questions for all members of the leadership team should be sent here.
  6. legal@nicgrp.com: If any client has a legal issue, please route emails here. 
  7. payroll@nicgrp.com: This is our new payroll support email inbox. This allows our payroll service team to assign emails as we grow our payroll support department. 
  8. referrals@nicgrp.com: All partner referrals should be sent here. We have rules applied to tag each lead funnel so we can attribute the referral to the source appropriately. 
  9. sales@nicgrp.com: Any and all new sales orders/agreements are to be sent to this inbox. This allows our Sales team to properly onboard the client for our Account Management team. 
  10. support@nicgrp.com: This is now our general customer support catch-all inbox. Benadmin questions, plan questions, or payroll questions could technically route to here if we don't feel more specific email addresses are appropriate for your given situation.
  11. contact@nicgrp.com: This email address will field all questions from the website and/or any general solicitations that would like to garner our attention.

If you are a current client of ours, we will reach out to let you know about these communication changes in the very near future. 

We look forward to continuing to service you, just even better now.