March Madness

If you've reached this point of our website, you've most likely already been challenged to upload your payroll invoice or prompted to allow us to offer you a discount on our services. While it may seem like we're trying to win your business at any cost, let me expand on why we're able to even do this.

You may have already seen the following message: 

March Madness! Get 3 Months ADP Payroll Free!

When you sign up for ADP RUN payroll. Offer is valid for current ADP RUN clients and/or employers with any other payroll provider. Offer valid for the first 50 employers. Expires 4/15.

You may be wondering... why? If you aren't familiar with ADP, you may also ponder... what? 

To put it simply, we're payroll resellers. This means we sell other payroll technologies to businesses. It's no different from a home renovations company selling granite countertops at cost. We are able to do this with a discount intact, and with our partners' permission.

So the question for you, and your company, becomes...

What am I currently paying for payroll services and am I happy with the solution?

No matter how you slice it, this offer should still be considered. 

If you're with ADP, we can provide expert hands-on service while offering you a discount from your current bill. In your eyes, effectively NOTHING CHANGES.

If you're with another payroll provider, how do you know if you're paying too much? How do you know it can't be an easier process with a better payroll technology? For you, the migration is painless. 

We welcome any questions you might have about this current offer. The more conversations we have with curious professionals like yourself, the better we can become at informing the world about our unique value proposition. 

We look forward to discussing this further with you.