Communicating with Our Service Team

At NICG, we are always working hard to make your life in HR much easier. That means we are always trying to be nimble enough to accommodate the way we service and communicate with our clients.

That said, below is a list of email addresses that are now active for our clients to interface with, along with a description of how to communicate with us using them:

  1. Any bills should be sent here. 
  2. Carrier partners should communicate with our team using this address. 
  3. All health claims should be sent here. We will begin fielding all claims within hours when they are submitted to this inbox. 
  4. All commission reports, or any disputes regarding referral commissions, should be sent here. 
  5. Any requests, complaints, or questions for all members of the leadership team should be sent here.
  6. If any client has a legal issue, please route emails here. 
  7. This is our new payroll support email inbox. This allows our payroll service team to assign emails as we grow our payroll support department. 
  8. All partner referrals should be sent here. We have rules applied to tag each lead funnel so we can attribute the referral to the source appropriately. 
  9. Any and all new sales orders/agreements are to be sent to this inbox. This allows our Sales team to properly onboard the client for our Account Management team. 
  10. This is now our general customer support catch-all inbox. Benadmin questions, plan questions, or payroll questions could technically route to here if we don't feel more specific email addresses are appropriate for your given situation.
  11. This email address will field all questions from the website and/or any general solicitations that would like to garner our attention.

If you are a current client of ours, we will reach out to let you know about these communication changes in the very near future. 

We look forward to continuing to service you, just even better now.