The Week Ahead

In order to be most effective, it's important to look ahead to your week's activities before they even begin. Mondays are refreshing in that way. It's a clean slate, and an opportunity to ensure you get everything accomplished. 

While it may be unrealistic to expect to get 100% of your tasks or responsibilities completed, you can't set the right milestones until you know what's on your plate. 

There's a simple process of prioritization that we practice at NICG. We do this individually and as a collective. Every Monday morning, we hold departmental meetings to set goals. These goals dictate what our focus will be over the following five days. 

  1. What are our 3 largest priorities? 
  2. What task or project would be detrimental if unfinished this week? 
  3. What meetings are scheduled?
  4. What revenue generating opportunities lie ahead?
  5. Are there any fires to put out? 

These are simple questions that allow every manager to relay to their teams what is most important to the company. There is no better way to ensure everyone is buying into the process and the direction of the company if you go through these motions every single week. 

It all boils down to transparency and communication. If you aren't keeping your team apprised of what's happening in your company, they're going to feel lost. 

Confidence is the first thing to leave with a clear direction. 

Happy Monday!