Employee Benefits

Deliver great benefits cost-effectively.

Navigating the complexities of employee benefit plans is difficult as it is. When you layer in an ever-changing regulatory environment, it becomes close to impossible. Because employee benefits represent such a considerable financial investment and are fundamental to the wellbeing of your workforce, you should leverage expert knowledge and industry experience.

Most benefit consultants guide their clients using only historical claims performance and limited information. This approach simply does not work. We believe a more personal and consultative high-touch approach is what yields the best results. 

NICG lives and breathes data. We benchmark where we can to provide far more than a single spreadsheet of outdated historical data. We conduct a thorough analysis that deeply examines the data that will define the perfect mix of benefits.

In addition to a strong focus on controlling costs, NICG also recognizes the value of being an employer of choice. We understand that your people are your biggest asset, and that’s why we work to understand your corporate philosophy and culture.

Value-Added Services

  • Clarity around one of your largest investments through customized benchmarking
  • Best practices to address rapid market changes
  • Proactive strategy and communication
  • Proactive renewal management
  • Transparency around rates and optimal market choices