NICG and Private Equity

We call it human capital management (HCM)

You have an entire portfolio to worry about. The lifecycle of an investment is tedious enough to deal with on your own. NICG can help along the way. 

  • M&A Process: Do the due diligence on the people that you are working directly with and optimizing. 
  • Existing Portfolio: We can help to streamline your current operations and human capital workflow. 
  • Acquisition Targets: Have you ever heard of an acquihire? It's essentially when you acquire a firm to retain and leverage their human capital. 

Workforce Management

Someone has to be there to crunch numbers and analyze competition. These invaluable team members are for more than just warm bodies. They're the ones offering value, and investors don't always observe their work at the necessary level of granularity. 

It's all about costs and value. It's a back and forth analysis. The cost doesn't always have to compete so well with the value, however. By focusing on the right processes for recruitment, onboarding, compliance, time and attendance, payroll, and more, you end up streamlining in ways you would have otherwise never imagined. 

We're talking millions of dollars in savings here. 

Leading technologies

We utilize the best technologies in the world to manage people and operations. This allows us to span our reach globally and outsource workflows wherever they are most needed. 

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