We're building fulfillment at work.

We do this by...

Educating, empowering, and equipping employers to improve the lives of their workers.


Core Values


Be Curious

We work in an industry that is changing dramatically every single day. To thrive, we must have a thirst for learning and be in constant pursuit of greater knowledge. Think outside of the box. In other words, we haven’t settled for what we already know. Instead, we never stop learning, because we know that exploring new ideas and considering fresh perspectives is how businesses thrive.

Deliver Exceptional Results

We are a service company and our level of effort is directly causal to how clients perceive our value. Every one of us needs to bring our best every day and make sure that our clients know they are getting it. In addition, bringing it everyday is infectious. We all work better when we know that everyone cares and is doing their best.


Take initiative and think like an owner. We value resourceful problem solving, independent thinking, nimble decision-making, and creative, unconventional solutions.This means taking pride in our work, holding ourselves accountable, paying attention to the details, and make sure you always act in a way that you can be proud of. Your reputation is tied to your work and your brand is coming alive with every interaction you have. 

Be Genuine

We come to work to build something together, and we are responsible for upping one another’s level of talent. We nurture trust through our sincerity, and we take constructive feedback well because we know it comes from a good place. That trust underpins the cooperation and communication that fuel our successes.


Founded by Zain Hasan in 2014, the National Insurance and HR Consulting Group is changing the way people work. 

And we're doing it with honesty and transparency.


Above all else, we do what we do because we care about people and the future of work.