NICG and Recruiters

We're two peas in an HR pod, really. 


When you really think about it, we're all speaking to the same people. We're all working with the same professionals that care about hiring and taking care of great talented people. Staffing agencies, like yourselves, exist at the core of human capital management. Like us, you're playing a pivotal matchmaking role to a company's future success. 

What if you could offer even more? 

Don't get us wrong - great talent is hard to come by. But now that the decision makers trust you and your firm, you have the opportunity to have much larger conversations about how a company manages their human capital. 

  • Payroll Processing: Our value proposition will save your clients money. They'll love you even more for making the referral! 
  • HR Consulting: Offer even more with our a la carte services that assist HR Managers with their most tedious tasks. 
  • HR Technologies: Compound the value of recruitment with an all-in-one centralized HR dashboard. 
  • Employee Benefits: Most of your clients pay too much for their healthcare. Simply by putting us in touch with a decision maker can yield an opportunity to save a company thousands of dollars. 

A Hands-Off Referral Program

All we ask for is a warm introduction. Since you are the liason, and the trusted advisor to that business, you will receive credit and compensation. It's actually quite simple. Let us prove our value and then share that value with everyone you think needs to hear it. There's no risk to you and everybody in the equations wins in the end. 

Our Partnership is a no-brainer.  


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