Our Clients Love What We Do for Them


“As the owner of a staffing company one of the most daunting tasks on my list is to providing benefits for our contract employees, in compliance with the healthcare reform act. Alpha 1 Staffing worked with several brokers, attending many meeting to better understand the reform and found that many brokers did not and were not able to provide the direction our firm needed. An associatereferred us to Zain Hasan and working with him has truly been a breath of fresh air. From the first meeting with Zain, it was clear that he is very knowledgeable with a clear understanding of the staffing insurance challenges we are facing. I truly appreciate the professionalism, quick response, and customer service we’ve received working with Zain and his talented team.”

Garrie Harris

Owner, Alpha 1 Staffing / Search Firm


"Zain and the NICG team were brought to us for their expertise in M&A due diligence for benefits and human resources, as well as Workforce Development. It is the true talent of the NICG team, which is consistent on every level of interaction, that makes them an exceptional strategic business partner. The NICG team knew exactly what to consider when conducting due diligence for acquisitions. Simply put, regarding employee benefits & HR Technology systems, NICG “gets it” very quickly. They see the big picture in a company so thoroughly that it is very evident that each assigned team member was handpicked for specific expertise. As CEO, Zain is able to very accurately determine needs and then hit the mark with a smart solution. His team is unequivocally the best I’ve known when it comes to benefits consulting & increasing the operational efficiency of HR. Zain customized strategies for our organization to ensure that we could successfully finalize our acquisitions and see the maximum savings during the process."

Tatiana Arbulu

Human Resources Manager, Domaine Select Wines & Spirits


“I was recommended to NICG by another broker who called to get my business and after explaining that I was dealing with the DOL’s definition change of an independent contractor and needed to turn 91 employees over to W2, to define an HR admin strategy and analyze ways to meet ACA compliance. Zain came to listen and he came well prepared. His focus was on helping my business beyond insurance and I saved a significant cost exposure by outsourcing my HR to NICG, and they have been a true strategic HR partner, allowing us to maintain focus on what we do best.

NICG brought a tailored plan that allowed me to bring the best ADP technology, to have an on-site HR technology optimization specialist to ensure we did not have to lose time on manual process. NICG helped us to attract the best talent, offer a full benefits package, reduce turnover, and improve our efficiency.

Zain brought complete transparency and his team was very passionate about helping us solve our business challenges.

Bottom line, after delivering a full automated HR technology system through ADP, evaluating all benefits options and offsetting the entire cost through educating me on tax credits I had never utilized before, they met all of my needs. NICG is my go-to firm for everything around business. I have introduced them to 4 other businesses, that all thanked me tremendously for doing so. Whether it is 100 employees or 2,400, NICG is going to challenge the status quo and disrupt the large brokerages because Zain listens, finds solutions and adapts his service offering to the needs of each client. NICG’s professionalism, solutions oriented approach and passion for disrupting the business model of insurance brokers makes them the firm I proactively tell my fellow business owners about and I hope to see their continued success.”

Ali Mandsaurwala

President, Accessible Home HealthCare of Aventura


It is without reservation that I can say Zain Hasan and the NICG team receive our leadership team's highest level of recommendation. With over 750 employees and 6 schools, we have very unique needs. When I met the NICG team, the experience felt different right away. Zain and his team were not interested in "selling" us. They wanted to help us. They were patient with us and did the work that the other broker was responsible for just to ensure ASPIRA received the best experience (and they provided us with tremendous savings). We initially went with them for the ancillary and worksite benefits and they installed a complete HRIS for us. Afterwards, we realized their commitment to our success and we saw what it meant to be a true partner. The approach they bring is holistic and very honest. From the complete education they gave us on how they would be compensated to the innovative ideas they had, they offered us on-site service and always had positive interaction with our team, employees and especially with me. Everyone was always extremely professional, and through their genuine interest and engagement in our account, they made sure I knew they are on my team. They have proven to be highly organized in their approach and are always on task with any questions/issues needing resolution. I have grown to rely on the expert knowledge of my NICG team who are always prompt in responding to our needs, and who proactively advise us and consult us throughout the year. Thank you and GREAT JOB. You have made our job easier. You guys have met and FAR exceeded all of our expectations with the switch from our other brokerage and I recommend NICG to completely change your expectations of how valuable a benefits brokerage can be. We are so impressed with NICG, and glad to partner with them for HR Technology, HR Outsourcing and our Employee Benefits Consulting.

Marisol Morales

Director of Human Resources, Aspira, Inc. of Pennsylvania